Texas-Mexico Summit 2017

Texas-Mexico Summit 2017

Digital Signage Expo

Digital Signage Expo

1° Customer Engagement Summit Mexico / Creating Interactive Kiosks & Digital Signage Solutions


Alveni at Casa México SXSW.


Tech Ranch/Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber Launch

Tech Ranch is excited to be hosting a joint launch event with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Our partnership will allow us to bridge even more gaps between Hispanic business owners and the City of Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem. Stay tuned for program updates.

Alveni & Evox boost productivity and reinvent customer’s service and self service experience.

Significant improvements on specialized customer care are possible through interactive videoconferencing kiosks.

SMB innovates and competes in USA.

Alveni offers kiosks for tablets, which are easy to assemble and transport. (Original article in Spanish).

Source: El Norte newspaper. Mexico.

Alveni offers kiosk for tablets.

The SMB innovates with a product easier to transport and assemble.


University of Texas Improves Self-Service, Communication with Alveni´s Digital Signage.

Alveni´s kiosks technology is being used to enhance the campus experience for visitors and students alike.

Source: Networld Media Group.

Powering Interactivity.

The interactive kiosks pioneer is out to conquer Latin America.

Source: El Norte / Reforma newspapers. Mexico.

Alveni exhibits its newer kiosks at Expo PyME 2012 in Mexico.

Alveni announces that it will exhibit its interactive solutions at Expo PyME 2012 taking place at the Centro Banamex on August 6-11, 2012 in Mexico City. Expo PyME 2012 represents Mexico's most important SMB's (Small and Medium Businesses) gathering.

Alveni receives award for an innovative interactive kiosk solution.

Alveni receives the prize for "Best Corporate Communications Deployment" in the "Self-Service / Interactive Kiosks" in the Industry Excellence Awards organized by the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA).


Esprida Partners with Alveni to Deploy Advanced Endpoint Device Management Solution in Latin America.

Esprida enhances Alveni's innovative kiosk product offerings in Latin America allowing customers to maximize operational efficiency and remotely monitor business activities using Esprida LiveControl™

Source: Business Wire

Alveni LLC is growing with digital kiosks.

Alveni takes advantage of technology and manages to expand; already in the USA and Central America. (Original article in Spanish).

Source: El Norte newspaper. Mexico.

Alveni joins the DSA.

Alveni, LLC, a leader in interactive kiosk solutions, has announced it has joined the prestigious Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA).

Alveni's Home Depot success story published in DSA newsletter.

Story about the challenge of expansion for Alveni and his team.

Source: Eme equis Magazine.

Alveni arrives to Austin, TX.

Story about the challenge of expansion for Alveni and his team. (Original article in Spanish).

Source: Eme equis Magazine.


Alveni opens US office at Austin.

CEO, Jorge Eurán seeks market in South Texas for his interactive kiosk solutions.

Source: The Statesman. Austin, TX.

Designing technological solutions

Mexican company develops digital kiosks that save time, resources and costs to the companies.

Source: El Norte newspaper. Mexico.