At Alveni, we are here for you. We can keep an eye on your kiosks in real time, 24/7.

We offer different levels of remote monitoring and management, tailored to the needs and requirements of your projects.

Our bi-lingual support team is standing by to provide telephone support. Our remote desktop system is also available to address any issues. With our monitoring and diagnostic services, we know when your kiosk needs attention. We receive immediate status alerts so we can troubleshoot, diagnose and help resolve any problems.

Our Online Helpdesk System offers

  • Online ticket generation and follow up.
  • Routing of issues based on different scenarios.
  • Online knowledge base and FAQs.
  • Scheduled or custom performance reports.

Our Online Chat offers

  • Chat with one of our support team or technicians.
  • Feedback in real time.

Hours of Operation

  • Our staff is available 24/7 to help with support issues..
  • Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Central Time.
  • Outside normal hours of operation, a support engineer is available through our helpdesk system.
  • Voice of the Customer/quote about remote monitoring or remote content update.

Content Updating

Our system can remotely manage applications, software, and update your kiosk content instantly when new features, user interface updates, and patches are rolled out. Reach a single kiosk or hundreds of kiosks simultaneously.

Alveni offers specialized remote monitoring and content updating services whether you purchased your kiosk from us or from another company. Let us tell you more.

Specialized Remote Monitoring

Our system allows us to reach your kiosk to solve problems that do not require on-site visits the majority of the time. We can effectively connect with one kiosk or with a large network of kiosks simultaneously. We have partnered with leading solution providers including PROVISO's SiteRemote/Sitekiosk and Esprida's LiveControl™ for scalable remote monitoring and content updating to assure that all of your kiosks and networks are up to date and working properly.

In addition to troubleshooting, Alveni's remote monitoring service can provide a variety of reporting options built on your business metrics.

Please contact us for more information on Remote Management.

Monitor your entire network

"Our Annual Maintenance and Support Plan that Alveni provides has been the best investment in our kiosk project. We have an account executive that reviews reports on issues with our kiosks and solves them promptly".

Linda Herrera / Axtel