Happy customers make happy business

We help improve customer experience and satisfaction across all business sectors with our intelligent service. Our worldwide data insights become your company’s secret to customer experience and customer relationship management success.

Want to grow your profits with happier customers?

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, grow your profits, and become a retail market leader, it is vital to engage and listen to your customers. That’s where we at HappyOrNot come in.

Our intelligent service has been utilized in many of the largest retail chain organizations across the globe for years. It offers you an easy way to collect valuable and insightful feedback data from your customers, analyze current service performance, and gain intelligence to make strategic operational improvement decisions. Through our Key Performance Indicator and management tools, you can also effortlessly measure customer centric KPIs like customer retention and customer satisfaction.


HappyOrNot industry insights

10% improvement in Customer Satisfaction per year.
Retail Industry Customer Satisfaction Benchmark - 84.5%.

Satisfied customers benefit your bottom line

Spend more during each visit – Basket size and revenue.
Visit more often – Loyalty and churn.
Recommend your brand – Referral and conversion ratessheets.

Example uses

Staff friendliness

See the impact of staff attitude on customer satisfaction.

Check out times

Know how efficient and easy it is for a customer to purchase from you.

Product selection

Monitor your inventory needs during peak seasons.

Workforce management

See days and times where staffing improvements can be made.

Our Service for Your Retail Business
DIY – Home & Electronics – Pharmacies – Hypermarkets – Petroleum & Convenience – Grocery Chains – Sport Stores – Fashion & Accessories.


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